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  • Mother Karunya SIC
  • Sr. Ardra SIC
  • Sr. Parimala SIC
  • Sr. Namitha SIC
  • Sr. Ursala SIC
Provincial Secretary
  • Sr. Mahima SIC
Provincial Procurator
  • Sr. Dyothis SIC
  • Bethany Sisters’ Provincialate,
    Nalanchira PO
    Thiruvananthapuram - 695 015
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The Congregation of the Sisters of the Imitation of Christ was founded in the year 1925 in the Jacobite Church by Archbishop Mar Ivanios of happy memory. The first house was started at Thiruvalla, Thirumoolapuram.When the founder Mar Ivanios became Archbishop of Thiruvananthapuram, the house of Thiruvalla was closed down according to the decision of the General Chapter and all the sisters went over to Thiruvananthapuram where the Mother house was erected in 1936. A couple of months later, three sisters, were sent back to help His Excellency Mar Theophilos, the Bishop of Thiruvalla, in his diocese. Thus two diocesan congregations were formed. These congregations continued to grow independent of each other and established houses, schools and orphanges of their own until their re-unification in 1956.

In 1953, His Eminence Cardinal Tisserant visited these congregations. At the request of the Bethany Sisters, the congregation was elevated to the Pontifical status on August 6,1956. As, Rome demanded, the two branches of the congregation were united, as two provinces of the same order under one Superior General, maintaining its spiritual heritage and charism. Thus, on 21 August 1956, under the chairmanship of Rev. Fr.Placid Podippara, the delgate from the Apostolic Sea the Bethany sisters were gathered at Bethany Madhom Chengannur and as a result of the interventions and discussions all the members were convinced about the nature and identity of Bethany and need to have provinces for apostolic activities. Thus in the united assembly ofthe sisters of Bethany on August 21, 1956, unanimously proclaimed the erection of a province namely. Trivandrum Province and was erected on 21 August 1956. And on 22 August 1956 members of the province of Thiruvananthapuram unanimously elected Mother Basim SIC as the first Provincial Superior. Following are the early houses at the time of re-unification.

Bethany Madhom, Nangiarkulangara, 1931.

The first abode of the Bethany Sisters of the Thiruvananthapuram Province. The site of the convent was originally owned by the high caste Hindus as is evident from its name- ’Pottiparambu’. As it was an ideal location for a school, a school for the eduction of the girls of the locality was started under the title Bethany Balikamadhom School. One of the aspect of the charism of the Bethany Sisters namely the empowerment of women through education was realised even at its first venture.

Bethany Madhom, Nalanchira, 1936.

Established in 1936, Nalanchira Bethany Madhom has been the Provincial House of the Bethany Sisters of Trivandrum Province. The novitiate house of the province also is erected attached to the Provincial house. Besides it is the formation house for the Pre-novices-Aspirants and Postulants. The Junior Sisters studying in college also form part of the community. Also teaching sisters of different categories are residing here.The house runs St.Goretti’s L.P, U.P, H.S and Higher Secondary School. Our sisters are on the staff of the Mar Theophilus Training College and Mar Baselios College of Engineering and Technology.The old and sick sisters of the province also find a place of solace and serenity in the Provincial house as they rightly deserve the care and concern of all on the eve of their earthly sojourn. The children below poverty line are taken care of in the creche, located in the vicinity of the provincial house.

Bethany Hostel, Palayam, 1941.

Aim-To give accommodation to the college students and working women.

Bethany Madhom, Puthencavu, 1945.

The main activity of the sisters is education- A school was started with few girls in honour of St.Ann-its name being- St.Ann’s H.School, Puthencavu.

Bethany Madhom. Erezha, 1951.

It was very providential that a school run by the Archdiocese of Thiruvananthapuram at Erezha has been converted to a convent under the name Bethany Madhom, Erezha. Attached to it there started an Orphanage. The sisters were full time engaged in charitable service - the care and protection of the children.

Bethany Madhom, Kayamkulam, 1951.

A High School under the mangement of Chettikulangara, A.N.P.Nair was bought by Archboshop Mar Ivanios and was entrusted to the Bethany Sisters. As the school atmosphere was made tumultous by the then Headmistress, the sisters appointed in the school preferred to come from Bethany Madhom, Nangiarkulangara. Afterwards, when the situation came under control, a convent was built in the school campus and sisters shifted from Nangiarkulangara to Kayamkulam.

Bethany on its stride to progress



Provincial Body


It was concerned only for electing the new provincial Superior and her team.

Provincial Superior: Mother Basim
Councillors:Mother Denaha, Sr. Slomo
Procurator: Sr.H’feeta


Different subject were discussed such as the necessity of having a Chapel, an old age home for the poor and other subjects for building up community life.

Provincial Superior:Mother Slomo
Councillors:Sr.H’nono, Mother Denaha,Sr. Philomina (Seretary)
Procurator: Sr Hanso


Discussions were mainly on finding out income generating process and putting up school buildings in different places.

Provincial Superior: Mother Slomo
Councillors:Mother Denaha, Sr. Philomina (Secretary)
Procurator: Sr.Hanso


The social impact of the presence of the Bethany in a place and deepening of the spirituality of sisters were subjects of discussion.

Provincial Superior: Mother Resma
Councillors: Mother Basim, Sr. Scholastica (Secretary)
Procurator: Sr. Hanso


The main theme was about updating the life of the sisters taking into consideration the signs of the time.

Provincial Superior: Mother Maxa
Councillors: Mother Basim, Sr. Alphonsa, Sr. Rehmas, Sr. Philomina
Secretary: Sr. Resma
Procurator: Sr.Hanso


Spiritual renovation of the community was the main theme. Liturgical life was highlighted.

Provincial Superior: Mother Slomo
Councillors:Sr.Philomina, Sr. Stansilaus, Sr. Alphonsa, Sr. Helena (Secretary) Procurator: Sr. Hanso


Sense of equity and healthy personal relations between superiors and sisters and between sisters and sisters were discussed. The importance of the proclamation of the Kingdom of God was the main theme.

Provincial Superior: Mother Slomo
Councillors: Sr. Philomina, Sr. Helena (Secretary), Sr. Hadusa, Mother Salga Procurator: Sr. Hanso


The witnessing value of our service and other subjects of community build up.

Provincial Superior: Mother Vijaya
Councillors: Sr. Rehmas, Sr. Slomo, Sr. Stansilaus (Secretary), Sr.Hadusa Procurator: Sr. Hanso


The Charism of Bethany was the main theme. Also prayer, penance and simplicity of life were given importance.

Provincial Superior: Mother Vijaya
Councillors: Sr. Slomo, Sr. Rehmas, Sr. Stansilaus, Sr. Felicita
Secretary: Sr. Selka Procurator: Sr. Basilia


Deepening of spiritual life of sisters and other matters regarding the signs of time.

Provincial Superior: Mother  Felicita
Councillors: Sr. Vijaya, Sr. Hadusa, Sr. Selka (Secretary),
Procurator: Sr. Basilia


The deepening of prayer life to enrich and enlighten the  active life.

Provincial Superior: Mother Felicita
Councillors: Sr. Rehmas, Sr. Stansilaus, Sr.Scholastica, Sr. Selka(Secretary)
Procurator: Sr. Basilia


The concept of the ”Imitation of Christ” to be followed closely in our prayer life and apostolate.

Provincial Superior: Mother Rehmas
Councillors: Sr. Alphonsa, Sr. Stansilaus, Sr. Macreena, Sr. Paschal (Secretary) Procurator: Sr. Basilia


Grow in the fullness of Christ in the spiritual and social melieu.

Provincial Superior: Mother Rehmas
Councillors: Sr.Alphonsa, Sr. Paschal(Secretary), Sr. Berchmans, Sr. Eymard,  Procurator: Basilia


Renewal of the life of dedication and its involvement in the modern world according to the signs of time

Provincial Superior: Mother Alphonsa
Councillors: Sr. Rehmas, Sr. Karunya Sr. Berchmans, Sr. Eymard
Secretary; Sr. Paschal
Procurator: Sr. Ashish


First synaxis after bifurcation. The contribution of Thiruvananthapuram Province to the spiritual growth of Bethany. Deepening of liturgical life. Celebrating the Great Jubilee 2000 and the Platinum Jubilee of Bethany

Provincial Superior: Mother Rehmas
Councillors: Sr. Lumina, Sr. Karunya, Sr. Ursala, Sr.Ardra
Secretary: Sr. Dhanya Procurator: Sr. Ashish


Life of communion, participation, in the Trinitarian communion. The solidarity of the youth and  their sense of values.

Provincial Superior: Mother Lumina
Councillors: Sr. Rehmas, Sr.Ursala, Sr. Edith, Sr. Berchumans
Secretary: Sr. Dhanya Procurator: Sr. Ashish


Biblical impact on the life of dedication. The challenges of modern life.

Provincial Superior: Mother Lumina
Councillors: Sr. Nairmalya, Sr. Edith, Sr. Prakash, Sr. Berchmans
Secretary: Sr. Dhanya
Procurator: Sr. Mangala


As the Sisters of the Imitation of Christ inspired by the charism of Bethany to grow in the fulness of Christ in union with the life of the Church.

Provincial Superior: Mother Ardra
Councillors: Sr. Lumina, Sr. Ashish, Sr. Damascene, Sr. Namitha
Secretary: Sr. Selka
Procurator: Sr. Mangala


Promotion of the contemplative dimension of our religious life(Holy Rule art.165,167). Building up of the religious communities in faith, hope and charity and evangelization of the families. Inflammed in spirit by prayer and meditation, carry the light of the Word of God to the interior of the family background and to the social surroundings atlarge.

ProvincialSuperior: Mother Ardra
Councillors: Sr. Ashish, Sr. Rehmas, Sr. Damascene, Sr. Felicia
Secretary: Sr. Mahima
Procurator: Sr. Mangala

Thiruvananthapuram province after bifurcation in 1998

The General Synaxis in 1998 decided to bifurcate Thiruvananthapuram Province into two provinces ie; Thiruvananthapuram and Pathanamthitta. After all the preceeding procedures Pathanamthitta Province came into being on April 15, 1998. The first Synaxis of Thiruvananthapuram Province after bifurcation was convened on 18th June, 1998. Even after the bifurcation, Nalanchira Madhom continued to be the Provincial House of Thiruvanathapuram Province having a total number of 24 houses and 6 institutions.

Recently, a branch house is transformed into a mission house to carry out the Good News from house to house. The perpetual adoration chapel blessed recently in Nalanchira Provincial House is a power house of the congregation and of the locality. Thus,’’the contemplative in action” is found meaning in the prayerful atmosphere of manifold activities-still in activity and vibrant in repose as the great saying goes. At present there are 40 houses and 12 institutions. The details are given below.

The Apostolic Activities for the fulfilment of dedication and to enrich the society we belong to.

Educational Institutions

Education is one of the main aposolate of the Bethany Sisters. We have our own schools where some of our sisters are serving.

  • St. Rita’s U P School, Aruviode(Aided. Our first education endeavour in this field.)
  • St.Mary’s GHS, Kayamkulam(Aided).
  • St.Goretti’s GHS, Nalanchira(Aided).
  • Little Flower High School, Kundara.
  • Pre-Nursery School, Mukhathala.
  • Infant Jesus Central School, Kuravankonam.
  • Amala Nursery School, Kuriode
  • Karuvelil L.P School, Karuvelil
  • Amalgiri Bethany Vidyalaya, Kulappada
  • Bethany Vidyalaya E.M Senior Secondary School, Durg-Bhilai
  • Bethany L.P School, Kulathupuzha
  • Bethany Nursery School, Nagarcoil
  • Little Flower Nursery School, Madras.
  • Mar Ivanios Bethany CBSE School, Ambilikonam
  • Mar Ivamios L.P School, Kallumala
  • Santhidam Bethania Nursery School, Kanyakumari
  • St.Antony’s E.M School, Veliyam
  • St. Joseph’s Bethany High School, Ambernath- Mumbai
  • St. Mary’s Bethany Central School, Valakom
  • St.Mary’s Bethany Convent Vidyalaya, Secundrabad
  • St.Mary’s Bethany E.M School, Punalur
  • St.Mary’s Bethany Public School, Kayamkulam.
  • St.Teresa’s U.P School, Kalayapuram
  • St.Thomas Bethany E.M School, Kulathamal.

Besides, our sisters extend their service to other institutions run by the Archdiocese. They are:-

  • Mar Baselios CBSE School, Amboori
  • CBSE School, Chirattakonam
  • CBSE School, Kaithakodu
  • Enlish Medium Scool, Elamadu
  • Sacred Heart Matriculation HSS, Padi, Chennai
  • St.Jude School, Mukhathala
  • School of Malankara Educational Trust, Sakinaka
  • School of Borivili Parish
  • L.P School, Puthoor Parish
  • Franciscan Brothers Engineering College, Borivili, Mumbai

There are quite a few other institutions where our sisters render their services- The Catholicate Centre, the Clergy Home both belong to the Archdiocese of TVPM. Two of our sisters are in charge of different sections in both these centres. The Nature Curre Centre run by the Bethany Navajeevan Province, TVPM also enjoys the services of two of our sisters.

Charitable Institutions

Education is one of the main aposolate of the Bethany Sisters. We have our own schools where some of our sisters are serving.

  • Little Flower Bala Bhavan, Kundara
    It was the compassionate vision of Rev. Fr. Cuthbert O.F.M.Cap. of Mukhathala Capuchian Monastry that encouraged the Bethany Sisters to start a Balbhavan for the poor and marginalised girls. It was not only a home away from home for the children but also a centre of education, cultural activities and character formation. The Sister in charge looks after both the physical and spiritual needs of the children. Good discipline is maintained. There are catechism classes ad moral instruction. Character formation and good behaviour are given special stress. Smart children are given chance for higher education. Their future placement such as good job or marriage facilities are also taken care of.
  • Bethsaida Rehabilitation and Training Centre, Kuriode
    The centre was started by the Archdiocese of Thiruvananthapuram in 1989. Later in 1997the centre was purchased by the Provincial Superior Bethany Madhom Nalanchira and thus the ownership got transferred to the Bethany Provincialate, Nalanchira.

    The centre is meant to rehabilitate the physically challenged young girls. They are given special training in different trades according to their physical and mental capacity. There are trades like, cutting and tailoring, book binding, computer training and craft work such as flower making, painting etc. Speech therapy is a regular course for the retarded children.

    The young girls are well taken care of by the sisters. They are happy and contented as much as they can. Their parents are also happy and relieved. After sufficient training some of the girls leave the centre to find their own living in which most of them succeed. A good many find the centre as their home for life.
  • Bethania Rehilitation Centre, Kumarapuram
    This centre was started on 1st June 1988. It is aided by the Govt. of India. Objectives of the institution:-

    To provide Vocational Training to disabled women of the age group-15-30
    To equip them to earn their own livelihood and to make their lives meaningful
    To provide comprehensive rehabilitation services to the disabled women, particularly of rural areas and to provide them employment
    To make available to the disaled women the benefits of the Physical Medicine Dept., of the Medical College, Trivandrum
    To create an awareness among the parents,relatives and the public, about the cause of the disability, early detection, treatment and rehabilitation by conducting Seminars and Camps
    To provide information about grants and loans available from Govt., Social Welfare Depts., and Banks for Self Employment Schemes.
    VOCATIONAL TRAINING IN:Cutting and Tailoring,Book Binding,Candle Making,Poultry Farming,Computer Training,Bee Keeping,Rabbit Rearing,Home Management

  • Cherupushpam Industrial Institute, Nalanchira
    It is a central government registerd instituion for the poor children of the working women of the locality. They are taken care of in the institution, while their parents are engaged in manual labour to find a livelyhood. To help these children there is a ’Balawadi’. The instituion envisages to foster the empowerment of women by giving them freedom to work and earn their daily bread. The tailoring class run by the institution with the above pupose recently took a modern shape named fashion designing and te
  • St.Joseph’s Chidrens’ Home, Kanyakumari
    The natural calamity called Tsunami in the Bay of Bengal caused untold suffering for the poor fisher follk of the locality- Kanya kumari. The devastation left many homeless. Agood many families found comfort and consolation in the Sandidam Bethania on the sea side. Later when things became better the families got rehabilitated in temporary sheds and centres provided by the Tamilnadu Govt. Bethany immediately started a cetre for the children which is called St.Joseph’s Chidrens’ Home. Children of every age are protected there. There are about seventy five school children who are attenting respective schools. For the little ones we started a nursery school. The concerned govt. officials and the society at large much appreciated the timely intervention of the Bethany Sisters. As the Tsunami calamity is over now, the children of the locality are given admission to the centre. Everyone is given comfortable boarding and lodging and educational facilities.
  • Bethany Extension Service in Nagarcoil
    Nagercoil Bethany Madhom is situated in Vetturnimadhom is a poverty stricken area. Besides a nursery school, the senior citizens of the locality are taken care of by the sisters. About 30 old ones, come to the convent for their noon meal. They are happy and thankful that atleast once a day they get stomach full food. The loving care and prayerful concern of the sisters make them at home and they return home satisfied.
  • Aseer Illam, Kumarapuram, Kanyakumari
    Besides pastoral care of the near by Parish, sisters are engaged in rural health programme, and other social activities. The school going children of the locality gather in the convent every evening to attend tution classes. The Sister help each one to review the day’s lessons, and do their home workfor the next day. Chidren often get some free time also to play and enjoy the pleasant evening. Spinning doormat is another social activity to make the young girls engaged and also a means for their livelyhood.

    As the Sisters are also in charge of the Marthandom Integrated Development Society, large scale social activities are in store for future planning and execution.
  • Mar Ivanios Social Service Centre, Kallumala
    Kallumala in Mavelikkara District is a ’Nature Care Centre’. There is a beautiful garden of medicinal and other plants. Also, animal husbandary is a very useful engagement. Animals like cow, sheep, goats, pigs are reared here. Vegetable cultivation is also in progress. Interested people from far and near, come to the spot to buy these various items for different and differed domestic purpose. The centre is a place of attraction for the children and the grown ups alike. The birds of different variety are a show in itself. They are nurtured in protected areas which are conducive to their propagation and growth. A good many men and women of the locality find engagement and payment too, for their daily service.

Boarding Houses and Hostels

  • St. Mary’s Boarding, Kayamkulam
    Boarding houses are meant to accommodate children and young school going girls for their safe living and care. While they are with us, they are well looked ater and are provided with all the facilities to satisfy their needs and above all to make them feel at home. Sufficiently ventilated rooms and neat and tidy toilets are considered as a must. We see that nourishing food is served for the students and at every meal time the sisters in charge will be with them to cater to their needs. The spiritual formation of the srudents also is a matter of strict responsibility. Common prayer in the evening, prayer before and after studies and meals are practised. Natural virtues are nurtured and good behaviour is considered a must.
  • MTTC Hostel Nalanchira, St.Mary’s Working Women Hostel, Kayamkulam, St.Thomas Bethany Hostel, Madras
    Hostels are meant for grown up young college going girls. Working women also find safe abode in our hostels. Most of the modern facilities such as Television, land phone facilities and use of mobile phone etc. are provided. Cultural programmes also find place in their time-table. Common prayer and Rosary in the evening are a must. Students of other denomination and belief are free to convene together, and have their own religious devotion. Catholic students are encouraged to attend daily Holy Mass in the morning and to avail of all the religious facilities to nurture their Catholicity. Respect for others and a love of common good are fostered and well appreciated. Free days are used for shopping and entertaintments. We recommend and appreciate common celebration of national days like Independence day, Kerala Piravi, Onam, Christmas, Mar Ivanios Day, Hostel Day etc. Common classes are given on interested topics and of international interest. Also lectures on different topics of moral and religious values are also part of the hostel schedule. Common life and facilities there of, are a training for the future career and wide vision of the youngsters.


Care of the old and the sick is also a salient feature of our Charism. The Province run two hospitals one at Perumpuzha and the other at Puthoor, both in Kollam District. Perumpuzha Assissi Attonement Hospital is a well establisheed health care centre having 150 beds. Almost all departments including Cardeology unit and Paliative care are provided in the centre.

Bethanian Service Abroad

In addition to all these our sisters are serving in different places abroad such as America, Italy, Germany and Switzerland. In Italy they are in Reggio Emilia- Montecchio and Bibbiano- where they are engaged in taking care of the old and the sick. In Italy our sisters are serving in Santi Martiri di Selva Candida, a parish in Rome. It is a full time engagement taking care of the parish and its activities.

In Germany, our sisters are engaged in the olage homes of the Caritas-Manhaeim and Walhausen. Zug in Switzerland is another place, where our sisters serve in a convent named Kloster Maria Opferung. There almost all the sisters are old and sick. The presence of our sisters is a great help for them.

Some of our sisters are actively serving in New York and Chicago. All of them are nurses working in different hospitals. They are also very actively engaged in the parish activities of the different centres of Malankara Syrian Catholic Church in New York and Chicago. Their presence in the different centres and among the youth, is very much appreciated and accepted.

In short, we the Bethany Sisters of the Thiruvananthapuram Province at home in Kerala, India and abroad are making their presence felt among those whom they serve. They live up to their call upholding their charism and keep close to the heritage and teachings of their founder the Servant of God Mar Ivanios.

Mar Ivanios Missiological Theological Centre, Nalanchira,TVPM. This centre was started with the intention of enriching

Important Events Took Place.

1925- Foundation of the Bethany Congregation.
1956- Unification of the two Diocesan Congregations
1956- The first Provincial Chapter
1998- Bifurcation of Thiruvananthapuram Province.

Houses Under Thiruvananthapuram Province

Nalanchira (Provincial House)
Bethany Sisters’ Provincialate, Nalanchira. P.O.
Thiruvananthapuram - 695 015
Tel: 0471-2530043, 2533695(P) Fax : 0471-2533243
e mail -

Bethany Sisters, 203 II Floor, Christ appartments,
Near Fathima Church,Ambernath P.O
Thana Dt. Mumbai - 421 505, Tel: 0251-2686092

Bethany Convent, Ayra P.O, Parasala - 695 502
Thiruvananthapuram. Tel: 0471-2203011

Bethany Madhom, Amboori P.O.,Via Vellarada
Thiruvananthapuram-695 505, Tel: 0471-2245819

Borivili- Mumbai
Bethany Madhom, G-102, Panchavan Complex,
Behind Mary Immaculate H.S, Borivili (W), Mumbai - 410 103
Tel: 022-28940817

Bethany Madhom, Chakkamala, Moonumuku P O
Kallara, Pangodu-695 690.Tel: 0472-2869605

Bethany Madhom,Chirattakonam,
Thalachira PO, Kollam - 691 546. Tel: 0474-2069922

Bethany Madhom, 7910 Arcadia
Morton Grove, Illinois – 60053

Bethany Sisters, House No.73, Paradise housing complex,
Borsi Bhata, Durg, Bhilai - 491 001, Tel: 0788-2324456

Bethany Madhom, Elamad PO, Kollam - 691 531
Tel: 0474-2670308

Bethany Madhom, Kaithakodu PO, Kottarakara, 691 560
Tel: 0474-2620088

Bethany Madhom, Kalayapuram PO, Kottarakara - 691 560
Tel: 0474-2615158

Bethany Madhom, KallumalaPO, Mavelikkara - 690 110
Tel: 0479 - 2303543

Bethany Madhom,Santhidam Bethania, Kottakari road,
Kanyakumari, KK Dt.
Tel: 04652-247098

Bethany Madhom, Kayamkulam-690 502
Tel: 0479-2445136

Bethany Madhom, Kulappada PO, Nedumangad - 695 442
Tel: 0472 – 2898217

Bethany Madhom, Near Kurisadimukku, Kulathamal
Chaikottukonam PO, Thiruvananthapuram - 695 122
Tel: 0471-2792935

Bethany Madhom,Kulathupuzha PO, Kollam.- 691 310
Tel: 0475 - 2317626

Kumarapuram (TVM)
Bethania Rehabilitation Centre, Philip’s Hill, Kumarapuram,
Thiruvananthapuram - 695 011,Tel: 0471-2442002

Kumarapuram (K.K.)
Aseer Illam
Aralvaimozhy, Aral Kumarapuram PO
Kanyakumari Dist. Tamil Nadu- 629 301, Tel:04637-200660

Bethany Madhom,Thrippalazhikam, Kundara
Kollam - 691 509. Tel: 0474-2522331

Bethany Madhom, Kuravankonam,
Thiruvananthapuram- 695 003
Tel: 0471-2435366

Bethany Madhom, Kuriode PO,
Chadayamangalam - 691 534
Tel: 0474-2433272

Bethany Madhom , Maria Nagar ,Padi PO
Chennai - 600 050. Tel: 044-26244619

Bethany Madhom, Manjakala PO, Kunnicode
Kollam - 691 508, Tel: 0475-2328921

M.T.T.College Hostel
Nalanchira PO,Thiruvananthapuram - 695 015
Tel: 0471-2530098; 2531084 (P)

New York.
Bethany Convent, 1653 High Land Avenue
New Hyde Park-11040, New York.
Tel: 001- 516- 3584597.

Bethany Madhom, Perumpuzha PO, Kollam-691 504
Tel: 0474-2527315, 2523314

Bethany Madhom, Pirappencode PO,
Venjaramoodu, 695 607. Tel: 0472-2870917

Bethany Madhom, Punalur PO, Kollam - 691 305
Tel: 0475-2223367

Bethany Madhom, Puthoor PO, Kollam - 691 507
Tel: 0474-2415428

Bethany Sisters ,Flat No 410,B.D’ Silva Smruti C.H.S. Ltd
C.T.S No.321, Asalpha NSS Road
Ghatkopar (W), Mumbai - 400 084; Tel: 022-25020452

St.Mary’s Bethany Convent, Nagaram, Keesara PO,
R.R.Dist. Pin 500 083. Tel: 040 - 27124112

Bethany Madhom, Vimalapuram, Peyad PO,
Thachottukavu,Thiruvananthapuram-695 573
Tel: 0471- 2279010

Bethany Madhom, Valakom, Kollam - 691 532
Tel: 0474 - 2470209

Bethany Madhom, Nadukunnu, Veliyam, Meeyannur PO
Kottara, Kollam - 691 537. Tel: 0474-2463174

Assisi Hospial, Perumpuzha

Little Flower Balika Bhavan, Kundara.jpg

St.Gorethy's GHs, Nalanchira