Muvattupuzha Province

Provincial House

Governing Body

Provincial Administrative Body

Provincial Superior
  • Mother Remya SIC
  • Sr. Vandana SIC
  • Sr. Lalithya SIC
  • Sr. Tomina SIC
  • Sr. Chaithanya SIC
Provincial Secretary
  • Sr. Ivania SIC
Provincial Procurator
  • Sr. Merlin SIC
  • Bethany Provincial House
    Anchelpetty P.O
    Muvattupuzha, 686 667
    Tel. 0485 227301, 9747199344 (Mob)


This province is the 5th and youngest province of Bethany sisters. It came in to existence on 14th April 2004 and was inaugurated on 15 thMay 2004. Sr. Patience SIC Became the first provincial and was reelected on another term of 3 years. The Province has got 58 sisters and 12 Communities and Two centre out side India.

Activities of the sisters

1. Education

Some of the sisters are engaged in educating the children from UKG to+2

i. Bethany Convent School ( LPS, High Sschool, Higher Secondary)

Kunnamkulam Trissur (Dt), Pin 680 503 Phone: 04885-224806,9495025972(M)

Bethany convent L PSchool started in the year 1947 and now reached up to Higher Secondary School with a total student strength of 1120 and teaching &nonteaching staff is located in chiralayam in kunnamkulam thrissur district.We remember with gratitude the pionners who have given in inipetus in the initial stage.They are His Excellency Joseph Mar Severios the then Bishop of thiruvalla and Mother Huba our first mother of Thiruvalla. The school management believes in alround development drawing out of the best in body ,mind and spirit.

Caricular and co curricular activities

Has started in the year 1956-57.Presentaly three of our teachers are raised to the level of guide captain.Every year many students are awarded 'Rajya purascar'.The schoolhas secured the certificate of best achievement at Sub District level. We have a wellrun Bulbul team in the L P School.

To develop in self study & reading habits awell functioning library is made available. Books include books of general knowledge, scietific, recreational & cultural items. The students assisted by the teachers help in the wellrunning of the library in lending, maintaining register.

Games & Sports
A teacher for physical education is appointed. We use the near by ground to give practice in basket ball & Atheletic items.The team of band set deserves credit for their efficent performance.

Youth Festival
Our school stands seconds in the SubDistrict level, and in cultural items like Thiruvathira,Margam kali .F/sr maths,science & social science fair our school stands first in Sub District Level .

Science Lab
It was revised-during this accademic year with all necessary Lab equipements in subjeects like zoology,physics,chemistry & maths.We have divided lab sector wise and each sector is the concerned teacher for the efficent management of the dept.

Moral Science
Classes are coducted twice weekly which gives them a foundation for their future life.the students who got top marks are givenCash award by the Diocese.

Excursion & picnics
They are given ample oppertunities to develop their sence organs through which they learn about the environment they live .We have taken in different batches todifferent places like Mysore,Banglore,Thimvananthapuram,madras etc. Clubs are organised for science maths ,social science literacy,health & environment.

Social welfare activities
We try to cultivate in them a habit of sharing. Boxes are provided to collect their little share.This sum is utilised for uniform,text books,medical aid etc.for the poor students&a portion is donated to the pain &palliative care centre.

Physical enviornment of the school
The classrooms are well ventilated with fan & comfortable seating facilities.the toilets are sufficient in number withrunning water facilities &drainage system.the floor is tiled. We have constucted water tank with the cappacity of 50,000 litres to collect rain water.

Computer Lab 22
computers, internet connection,2 L.C.Dprojector & CD library.

Public Relation & People's participation
BethanyVoice published quarterly by the L.P Section is educative & informative.this section as wellas the t^her section of the school celebrate all the important national & religious festival days which gives oppertunities to students to develop & exhibit their hidden talents.

Developmental activies for teachers
The Dioces of moovatupuzha conducted teachers Guild this year at Thiruvaniyoor.Teachers of our school won the prizes for many items

ii St. Mary's UP School ( LP S E.Medium)

Anchelpetty Pampakuda P.O Muvattupuzha Pin: 686 667

iii St. Joseph's LP School Piravom

Piravom PO Ernakulam DT Pin : 686 664 Phone : 0485 - 224 2293

iv St.Pauls Bethany English Medium Veliyanad

Veliyanad PO, Arakunnam, Ernakulam, DT. Pin: 682 319 Phone :0484-2749993

This School was started in the year 1980. During this last 30 years , the school has progressed from LKG to Standard IV th Presently we have 178 students, 8 teaching and 5 non-teaching staff.

Curricular Activities
Communicative English and Computer studies are provided as part of our curricular activities. We conduct regular term-examinations. Talent search scholarship examinations also are conducted. Intellectual abilities, Behavioral qualities, English communication abilities are monitored and top-scorers are awarded badges every month. Display on the notice -board by three groups of students regarding cutting of the newspapers, drawing, painting etc. are evaluated once in a month and points are declared in group-vice.

Extra- Curricular Activities
Classes for dance, is taken weekly. Quiz on General knowledge is conducted weekly for all standards of students. Opportunities for P.T and Sports items are provided weekly. Competitions in items like arts, sports, hand-writing, coloring and drawing are evaluated annually and prizes are given.

National days of important and other festival days are celebrated with full enthusiasm and vigors . Children really enjoy these celebrations.

Social Service Activities
Fee of four students both tuition and vehicle is paid by management.

Executive meetings are held every second month. General PTA is held every term. Parents are enriched on various aspects of child careing, by resource person.

Annual day celebration
Anniversary is celebrated in a large scale with varity entertainments staged by the students. Distinguished guests are invited to give message and distribute the prizes. Winners of all items are awarded with prizes.

Picnic to places like Veega Land and other amusement park. We also conduct recreational tours for our teachers.

v St. Paul's Junior School, Kolencherry,

Kolenchery P.O,Ernakulam DT.Pin : 682 311 Phone:0484-2761093

This School was started in the year 1980.Thirty years have passed since its inception. The school has progressed a lot. Now the school has classes from LKG to standard VI th with a total number of 871 students and 35 teachers 5 'ayas' and 4 drivers.

Academic activities
We aim at all-round development of the students. We give emphasis on disciplined life. Various competitive examinations are arranged. Examination in PCM Scholarship, Global Talent Exam and Asika handwriting competitions. Our students reach top level every year. Computer classes are given to students except those of LKG and UKG.

For co-curricular activities Music,Dance,Yoga, Karate and communicative English classes are conducted. Our students participated in work experience exhibition conducted at Sub-District level and got over all trophy this year. At Sub District Kalolsavam our school secured over all trophy for last four consecutive years. For the kids fest students participated in drawing, coloring and quiz competition at the District level. At the sub district level students won many prizes for sports items. We also give due importance to inculcate qualities like Co operation, generosity, tolerance, social awareness, initiative and leadership by taking them for a educational tour programme.

We celebrate National importance days like Republic day, Independence day, Onam, Christamas, New year etc .PTA and Mathrusangamam is very active. They are also enriched by various resource persons conducting classes beneficial to them. Once a year a talent day is given to students to exhibit their various talents.

Social Service activities
Fee of four students both tuition and vehicle is paid by the management. The students contribute a small sum which is given to patients of pain and palliative care centres.

Annual day is celebrated on a large scale by inviting distinguished guests and parents of children. Prizes are distributed to the winners on this occasion.

vi St. Mary's Bethany School, Karimba

Karimba PO, Palakkad( Dt) Phone : 0492- 4240004,9497631602(M)

St.Mary's Bethany School is an Institution owned by the Sisters of the Imitation of Christ(Bethany Sisters). This School was brought in to existence 2002. We are guided by Sub-time principles of genuine education, co-education comprehensive curriculum, modern approaches in education, holistic formation and development of the individual, family and society.

The Staff and Students
We have a staff of 25 members 20 in the teaching faculty 5 as non teaching staff. From Pre-KG to VII th 550 students undergoing studies.

The PTA General Body meeting is held regularly. The PTA executive meeting is held twice a year. Group Activities: The students from Class I to VII have been divided into 6 groups,competitions at the school level are organised group wise.

Independence day, Onam Christmas ,Teachers day etc are celebrated. Cultural items were staged on Christmas day.

Arts and Sports Competitions
Arts competitions held in the month of November 12th and 13 . Sports day was in the month of January. All the students participated various competetions under this category.

Tour and Excursion
A oneday tour to Veega Land was organised this January .

Personality development program
On September 2009 Prof. Grace Lal a well known psychologist conducted a class in personality development to students.

Co-curricular activities
to develop the talents in students we conduct dance music classes once in a week. Yoga classes are conducted once in a week.

Communicative English
To develop communicative skill in English we give stress for it. Weekly classes are arranged for all classes.

Scholarship Exams
Students participate in various scholarship exams such as PCM,Ashit(a, Balarama etc

Charitable Activities
Provide text books, Note books and uniform for the deserving students. Give financial assistance for {he cancer patients and other patients Provide special coaching for the less talented students.

Awareness program for the parents
Importance in the role of parents we give for the total development of the students. Hence we give classes for the parents through mathrusangamam. We prepare the mothers in moulding the personality of their children.

Medical Camp
In me month of pecember we arrange^ ,a fnedical camp for the students and cqnducted visual test on that day.

vii St. Joseph's Bethany, School, Dehuroad, Pune

Phone: 020- 27671299,9922750059(M)

The school was started on 14.6.2001.Presently it has reached up to eight std with atotal strength of 880 students & 23 staff members.We aim at total developments iof the students & extra curricular activies are planned in such a way that their innate potentials are discovers & oppertunitiesare provided for their development.Extra curricular activities sports,arts,bandset,yoga ,classical& western dances are taught by special teachers appointed for the purpose.We celebrate impotant national &religious festivals.Competitions are held monthly for both sports and arts. We hold staff meeting every month to evaluate the activities of precious mouth & to plan for the coming month. P.T.A meetings are conducted twice a year. Special PTA meetings are held for those week at studies & extra classes are arranged for such students. Full free education is given for six students & partial concession is given for ten students. We have a team of commited & qualified teachers who really are the back bone of our institution. At present the costuction of a well planned school building is in progress.We place our trust in the Lord forks completion.

2. Pastoral Work

Most of the sisters are partly engaged in pastoral work especially on Sundays. Sisters cpnduct prayer meeting , matrusarjgamam, Baaladeepam, MCYM etc.. We prepare the children for first communion and help young men and women for marriage.

The diocese of Muvattupuzha has formulated a team "Malankara Suvisesha Sangam" under the leadership and spiritual guidance of Very Rev. Mogr. Issac Kpcherry . It is the realization of a dream of His Excellency Abraham Mar Julios. The team consists of 12 laity and 2 Bethany sisters. The team was blessed by His Excellency on 15th January 2010. They are autheri^ed to conduct retreat in our parishes. By now a good number of activities including house visiting are carried out.

God desires that every Bethany convent is to be a Blessing to the people of the locality. God has entrusted this message to our Father Abraham in the Qld Testament. This has come to the mind of General Synaxis ang has stimulated each convent to be so. The convents of this province, especially provincial house of Anchqlpetty has started tp pray for'one hquse of our parish every day and that particular horpe is informed of it the previous day. We find a very good participation from the parish. Tjhey have became very active and viable by participating in daily Qurbana and the prayers.

3. Social Services

Financial, assistance for marriage, education, home constriction fy health} care is provided. We help in restoring the broken family relationship by cpuncelling, home visits, conduct class for adolesents in High School & UP Schools ( Health Subjectj,: Sex Education etc) And conduct class for parents and prayer meetings for teachers.

Bethany Snehalayam

Bethany Snehalayam Trikalathoor P.O,Keqzhillam,Ernakulam (Dt) Pin::683 587 Phone :0484- 2653128, 9446996489(M)

Bethany Snehalayam, Thrikalathoor P.O, Keezhillam, Ernakulam(Dt) Pin : 683 587. 0484- 2653128, 9446996489 (Mob)

Bethany Snehalayam is a home for the homeless mentally retarded and psychiatric adult female. It is located in a remote village Kunnikurudy , 12 Km from Muvattupuzha and Half way between Manner and Nellad . It started functioning in the year 2002 . The inmates are the age groups from 17 upwards. We take care of 42 women and meet all their needs are met free of charge. Some are partially rehabilitated and sent back home. While some others are trained to take care of themselves. A few inmates are fully taken care of by the sisters.

Yet a few are trained to help in the domestic activities of the Snehalayam. They are given activities to recover their mental and physical unused abilities to some extent. Social and recreating activities included singing dancing and watching of TV. Physical activities including gardening, cutting vegetable, cooking, washing and arranging utensils of kitchen and dining hall . They also help in maintaining the sanitation of environment .By now the people of the locality have become our benefactors. Some of the benefactors are from far away also. They contribute financial help in cash and kind. Some families take pleasure in sharing their happiness of family gathering by being with the inmates and sharing the same meal with them.

Medical assistance is given by Dr. Dinesh M.D visiting monthly There is facility to bury the dead bodies of those who have no significant relatives to take over the dead body.

Bethany Shalom Bhavan

Bethany Shalom Bhavan, Pothanicad P.O, Kothamangalam 686 671 Phone : 0485-2893003, 9847306533 (Mob)

Bethany Shalom Bhavan is a palliative care centre for the terminally ill patients. Home care, Day care, Clinic and institutional care is given free of charge. Home care is given more importance because family members are always with them. They are taught to give care.

Families with in the radius of about 40 K M are visited once a week and their needs are assessed. They are prepared to accept death comfortably and peacefully. There is facility to burry the dead who are not taken home by the family or others.

BETHANY SHALOM BHAVAN Pain and Palliative Care Centre

Bethany Shalom Bhavan, Pothanicad P.O, Kothamangalam, 686 671. Phone :o485-2893003, 9847306533 (Mob)

It is located on the way to one and a half KM from Pothanicad to Kothamangalam is the realisation of a dream of Mr. Joseph Koottappillil, who resides presently in Australia. The building and one acre land is donated by him for this noble cause. It is in memory of his late parents Ouseph and Aleyamma Koottappillil. It was blessed on 15-12-2005 by His Excellency Most Rev .Dr. Thomas Mar Koorilos, Archbishop of Thiruvalla, and was inaugurated by the then Chief Minister Sri Oommen Chandy.


1). Hospice Care
There is facility for 20 inmates. The daily average ranges from 7-10

2). Clinic
Every Wednesday Dr. Ravindranath Kammath visits the inpatients and give guidance in giving care. Also patients from near by places visit the doctor for his assistance. An average of 10 patients avail this service.

3). Home care
About 50 patients get our assistance who live with in 40 K m from the centre. We give more importance to home care. We have few male and female active volunteers who form the back bone of this service. We have some active and dedicated male and female volunteers to whom we are very much obliged.

4). Day Care
Occasionally patients come for receiving day care.

5). Facility for Funeral
Some patients who are brought to the hospice have no significant others either to stay with them or give a decent burial following their death. Bodies of such patients are received by us, irrespective of their religious belief and are buried in the special vault prepared for them. About 90 patients are prepared by us to meet death calmly and comfortably. Up to now 5 patients are buried in the vault.

In the day to day expenditure of this Shalom Bhavan is met partially by the generous contribution of the people of the locality either through cash or in kind.

Book Binding Centre

Bethany Convent Peechi, Vilanganore PO Trissur(Dt), 680653 Phone: 0487-2699286

Book binding centre is run by sisters at Peechi. It is registered under the Mahilasamajam. Note bpoks for the schools are prepared here. The sisters provide note books to many schools run by our management.

Houses Under Muvattupuzha Province

Bethany Convent, Anchelpetty P.O,
Muvattupuzha - 686 667
Phone :0485-2273017

Bethany Convent, Kunnamkulam
Kunnamkulam P. O,
Trissur - 680503
Phone: 04885- 222744

Bethany Convent, Piravom,
Piravom P. O,
Ernakulam - 686 664
Phone: 0485-2242293

Bethany Convent, Peechi
Vilangannor P.O,
Trissur - 680 653
Phone: 0487- 2699286

Bethany Convent, Karimba Karimba P.O
Palakkad - 678 597
Phone - 0492-4240117

Bethany Convent, Dehuroad,
Meena Colony ,Vikas Nagar,
Kiiwle Dehuroad,
Pune - 412 113
Maharashtra State
Phone: 020- 27671846

Bethany Convent, Kalewadi,
Pune - 411 017
Maharashtra State
Phone: 020- 27273714

Bethany Shalom Bhavan, Pothanicad,
Pothanicad P.O, Kothamangalam,
Ernakulam - 686 671
Phone: 0485- 2893003

VeliyanadBethany Convent, Veliyanad
Veliyanad P. O, Arakunnam,
Ernakulam - 682 319
Phone: 0484 -2747280

Bethany Convent, Kolencherry
Kolencherry P.O,
Ernakulam - 682311,
Kerala, INDIA

Zappelin Str-7,
75417 Meuhlacker Germany
Phone: 0049- 7041 816766


Bethany Snehalayam, Kunnikurudy
Trikalathoor P.O ,KeezhilIam
Ernakulam - 683 587
Phone: 0484-2653128

Mission House-Kattilapoovom
Bethany Convent, Kattilapoovom
Kattilapoovon P.O,
Trissur - 680 028
Kerala, INDIA
Phone: 0487-2694567

Bethany Convent Girls HHS

Bethany Shalom Bhavan, Pothanikad


Kunnamkurady Snehalayam

Matriculation School